Past Show

The team at Noah’s Ark commissioned Mister & Mischief to create a piece that could engage exhibit guests of all backgrounds and all ages in their Noah’s Ark exhibit. Never a pair to turn down a challenge, we set to work crafting an intimate and interactive performance that takes guests through the gallery while exploring an original perspective on the flood myth.

Through close collaboration with co-director and educator Lisa Bierman, the well known story was told using clowning and pantomime, tugging heartstrings without a single word of dialogue. Using countless paper airplanes and clothes pins, expert puppet fabricator Morgan Rebane created a scrappy underdog Dove that audiences couldn’t help but root for.

Together we weather the storm in this retelling of a classic story designed for playful folks of all ages.

Performers and museum educators Adam Kerbal and Danielle Groak brought the role of “The Builder” to life as a curious and tenacious character that invites and even requires the audience participation to tell the story and find Dove. Will the Builder’s new buddies help them find their bird best friend? As the chaos of the world seems to pull them further and further apart, hope, connection and community guide them forward.

The Builder and the Dove incorporates teamwork, silent clowning, physical puzzles and a very adorable dove named Olive - set in the awe-inspiring center of a world-class interactive children’s museum exhibit.

Join the quest to unlock the mysterious connections between us all in this live reimagining of the timeless flood story.