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You are invited to a play. But it’s that play. You know, the one they call “important,” “the quintessence of existentialism,” and “a meaningless trudge between the cradle and the grave.” You promised your friend you’d be there. Enter the theater and find your seat -- you have 60 minutes to escape.

Escape from Godot is a game and a show, the show is the game and the game is the show. An audience of eight participants must work together to explore the space, solve puzzles, call cues, and watch the performance in order to get out before “lawyers arrive to sue everyone in the theater for the entirely unauthorized and disrespectful production.” Without the audience’s focus, communication and cooperation, the show may never end.

Escape from Godot gives rise to a strange sense of freedom, both by treating a masterpiece with such casual disregard and by dealing with questions of existence for which there are actual answers.

Steven Fife, Stage Raw

Appealing to theatre fans and puzzle hounds alike, Escape from Godot is designed to be played without any knowledge of the source material, or even knowing there *is* source material. The results are hilarious, heartbreaking, and absurd.

Critics said Escape from Godot was “fun, engaging and impressive,” “super-clever,” and “deliciously keeps us in existential hell.”

Escape from Godot broke away from escape room conventions. What emerged was fun, engaging, and for theater buffs and theater newbies alike.

Sarah Wilson, Room Escape Artist

In addition to a sold-out run in Los Angeles, Escape From Godot was an IndieCade finalist 2018, Hollywood Fringe Award nominee 2018 (Immersive Theater), Denver Film Festival selection 2019, was ranked in the top 40 worldwide by Top Escape Rooms Project in 2019, and got a shout out in the NY Times Decade of Theatre round-up in 2019.Existence is a puzzle. Theatre is absurd. So why not play with a play?

They did it. They fucking did it... This thing is perfect.

Noah J. Nelson, No Proscenium